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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Get ready for Stop Looking - the sequel to The Empathy Code  in 2019.

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August, 2019

Killing for his country is his job. Killing for his psychopathic boss – that’s murder.

Philip Templeton in on the run in New Zealand after releasing a military robotics project to the public. He’s left behind his career, his identity and his girlfriend, Mishra McKenzie. Mishra travels to NZ to search for Philip - but she isn’t sure he wants to be found. Flight Lieutenant Brett Nielsen is sent to silence Philip, yet Brett's not convinced such a permanent solution is necessary. Killing for his country is his job; killing for his psychopathic boss – that’s murder.

The man seeking sanctuary, the woman who wants to save him, and the agent sent to silence him. Follow Philip, Mishra and Brett in this provocative sequel to The Empathy Code.

Praise for The Empathy Code

'Highly recommended.'  Mandy Hager, Author

'An elegantly written exploration of the moral questions posed by new technologies, with an intriguingly diverse cast of characters.'  Reviewer, GoodReads

'Couldn't put it down.'  Nicky Boughtwood, Reader 

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August 25, 2018

Should robots make life and death decisions? Teacher and humanitarian, Mishra McKenzie, doesn’t think so.

But the international community is torn as the window to outlaw killer robots closes.

Coaxed by her activist friends to help them expose a suspicious swarm robotics project, Mishra doubts whether she can pull it off. Or even if she should try. She believes in human rights for all people, including the target for their actions, Philip Templeton. Philip is a crack coder working for the Australian military. He’s awkward, obsessive and disconcertingly sweet.

Hurt one man or endanger the many? Mishra has to decide what’s right and live with the consequences.

"A scarily plausible scenario, this book challenges the reader to think harder about the important moral and ethical dilemmas at its heart. Highly recommended."

Mandy Hager, Author



Hi there. Curiosity and a love of words drives me creatively, alongside that big question - what if? What if I didn't live in Wellington with my partner and boys? What if I'd frozen to death on that mountainside in Corsica? What if that squishy lump in my pocket was plastic explosive? (It isn't.) In my life as a social scientist I have explored issues from activism to architecture. Flash Frontier has kindly published my short fiction. Stop Looking is my second novel.



Get in touch with me for more information about upcoming releases. Or to let me know your thoughts on my books. I won't spam you or share your information with anyone else. (Ditto if you want to subscribe in the section below).


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